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 Ad examples

Food Processing Boots – Durable & Reliable Work Gear 
Dependable boots for food processing. Premium Protection. Fast Shipping!

Comfortable Farm Boots – Rugged Barnyard Footwear 
Lowest Price on Farm Boots. Resistant to Organic Materials and Chemicals.

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Note that by using a PHRASE MATCH keyword your ad will be triggered by any long tail keyword/phrases submitted.

We’ll use FARM BOOTS for this example. The following long tail keyword/phrases will trigger the ad:

  • best farm boots for men
  • cheap waterproof farm boots for men and women
  • slip resistant farm boots for outdoor work
  • where to buy farm boots near me

Notice all these long tail phrases include the keyword FARM BOOTS in tact.

Keyword Intelligence



Types of keywords to keep in mind.


By keyword length

There are three types of keywords in this group: head, body and long tail.


Head keywords typically contain a single word describing a topic a searcher’s looking for, i.e. “shoes”. They are generic and often don’t discern what the person’s really looking for. Even though they receive huge amounts of traffic, they typically offer very little opportunity for conversion.


Body keywords extend the head term with additional information i.e. “running shoes” yet can still be quite generic.


Long tail keywords describe what the user’s looking for in great detail i.e. “best running shoes for men” and are often used by searchers who are looking to buy.

By buying intent

The other way to categorise keywords is by their role in the buying cycle. There are 4 types of keywords in this category:


Searchers use these keywords to find information and answers to their questions. You can recognise informational keywords by such words and phrases as “how to”, “where”, “when”.


Customers typically use these keywords to find a business location or contact details. Often these keywords include just a brand or company’s name.


These keywords help customer’s research and compare solutions before buying them. They might include words like “best”, “compare” etc. (i.e. “best Kindle cover”, “comparekindle covers”).


The last group is keywords customers would use to find products they want to purchase. These keywords often include terms like “buy” or “cheap” etc.

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