OOH Outdoor Advertising Design Services

OOH Outdoor Advertising Design Services

Bus Stop Shelter Design

  • Vivid Colours
  • Striking Imagery
  • To the point
  • Simple
  • Evokative


Outdoor advertising should be simple and to the point. You only have 3 seconds to leave a long lasting impression.

Legible Fonts

Large, visible fonts should be easy to read from variable distances. Upper & Lower case mix is easier to read on outdoor advertising.

Color Contrast

Improve advertising recall by nearly 40% with high color contrast. Your brand colors together with high contrasting colors will make your advertisement visible from great distances.

3 Seconds

3 Seconds is all you have to capture outdoor viewers. A good iconic graphic, one strong tagline and a solid contrasting color is all you need for a memorable advertisement. Check out our Gold Fish Standard of Design.

Visualize. Create. Succeed.

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