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Exhibit Display Graphics-Evoke Graffix

Stand Out

Your trade show graphics should stand out from the competition. Cookie Cutter graphics will not cut it! You will need to stand out from all the rest of the companies that are also exhibiting.

We recommend the Gold Fish Standard approach for trade show design. This design principle, like the KISS principle, employs simplicity by taking into consideration the human brain’s ability to process cohesive information, as well as the attention span of trade show attendees.

Keep it Simple

The rule of 3 is the backbone to the Gold Fish Standard principle of design.

  • 3 seconds is all you have to capture the audience’s attention
  • a maximum of 3 colors should be used for your scheme
  • 3 most important elements – Logo, Tagline, and Supporting Graphic

We will work closely with you, to better understand your brand vision and graphic sensibility. We want your trade show graphics to stand out from everyone else’s as well as represent you in the most memorable form.


16ft to 20ft pop-up displays. Drive traffic to your tradeshow booth with beautiful and clean graphics that reinforce your company’s message.


8ft to 10ft display graphics are the most popular choices for smaller events. Our award winning designs will drive traffic and leave a lasting impression.


Retractable banner graphics to compliment your display booth. Good for displaying key information and bullet points.


Beautiful podium graphics to match your trade show display booth.

Event Flyer Design - Evoke Graffix

Trade show design for event flyer handouts to let event attendees know where you’re located.


Event t-shirts are great for branding while you walk the convention floor.

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